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Singapore vinyl record players, turntables, and vinyl records retail shop. We are an authorised retailer for multiple turntable brands such as Mobile Fidelity (MoFi), Pro-ject Audio Turntables and TEAC. We also carry reputable cartridge brands such as Nagaoka and Ortofon.

What set us apart is the range of turntables that we carry across various brands. This allow customers to compare the sound quality and features, and to select products that fit your specific needs and budget. On top of that, we also have sell speakers, amplifiers, record sleeves and audio accessories to complete your stereo setup.

Vinyl Records

We are a Record Store

Retrophonic is a boutique indepedent vinyl record shop in Singapore. Started in 2011 as a hobbyist business, the original location was at 39b Keong Saik Road. Back then we only had 1 turntable, one rack with 300 records and that's it. A very humble beginning indeed.

Fast forward to 2024. We now operate a 1200 sqft retail space at 18A Duxton Road with more than 5000 records and a decicated listening room with Pro-ject Audio, MoFi and Teac turntables.

We love the idea that this cozy space that allows our visitors to chillax, hangout and enjoy the music. No frills, no pressure to buy, no hard-sell sales person; just like your own private listening room.

Turntables Highlight

Debut Carbon Evo Turntable

The Debut Carbon EVO is a premium, manual turntable designed to deliver a first-class audio performance with true high-end credentials from an affordable package that's aesthetically capable of taking centre-stage in any home. Taking its name from the multi-award winning Debut Carbon turntable, the Debut Carbon EVO expands on its predecessor's features, finishes and technical abilities thanks to newly developed engineering capabilities.

At the centre of the Debut Carbon EVO's design is its 8.6" one-piece carbon fibre tonearm. Chosen for its optimal acoustic properties, carbon fibre is rarely found on turntables below SGD 1000, allowing the Debut Carbon EVO to stand apart from the competition as a special proposition. In combination with the pre-mounted Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge, special sapphire bearings, high-purity copper internal tonearm wiring and shielded termination box, the tonearm system delivers a true high-end sound quality with a detailed sound presentation that conveys every musical emotion.

Debut Pro Turntable

The Debut PRO brings an absolutely new design to Pro-Ject turntables. The audiophile turntable is convincing in all respects - not only visually, but more importantly also in terms of sound.

The precision CNC milled parts are optically perfectly coordinated and lead the Debut PRO to its modern simple, elegant and unprecedented design. The nickel finish of all these aluminium components result in a hard, resistant surface. This process enables us to produce very high-quality and sustainable components and avoid plastics and similar materials that continue to age over time and would more importantly also degrade sound quality.

T1 Turntable

The stylish CNC-machined plinth of the T1 features no plastic parts and is carefully manufactured to ensure there are no hollow spaces inside, therefore avoiding unwanted vibrations within the chassis. Carrying this philosophy through the design, the glass platter is also a heavy, zero-resonance design. In the T1 the motor drives a belt-system, attached to a newly designed sub-platter, which is mounted into an ultra-precise 0.001mm main bearing with a hardened steel axle and brass bushing. The tonearm new tonearm has an effective length of 8.6". This one-piece aluminium tonearm also features low-friction bearings for absolute accuracy in use. The T1 comes with a pre-adjusted Ortofon OM 5E Moving Magnet cartridge and is ready to use right out of the box.

Compared to the base T1-model, the Phono SB version includes a built-in, Pro-Ject designed, high-quality phono MM stage and an electronic speed switch between 33 and 45 RPM. For the drive system, the T1 Phono SB features our proven system of an electronically regulated, precision-speed AC motor.

Classic Evo Turntable

Sub-chassis turntable with 9" carbon/alu sandwich tonearm

The new Classic Evo is based on the successful EISA Award winner Pro-Ject The Classic. The main improvement is the sub-platter, where we used the experience we gained from designing the 175 - Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer to add key changes to the Classic Evo. The main bearing construction we use is a similar system as the one on the Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer. For improved comfort, an electronic speed change was built in, which lets you switch from 33 to 45 rpm (and vice versa) with the push of a button. Compared to the old Classic, we improved the subchassis; we tried to make it heavier and stiffer to reduce resonances. Isolating the platter and tonearm from the resonances of the motor and main plinth is the target. The heavy aluminium main platter construction utilises advanced thermo plastic elastomers (TPE) for optimising resonance behaviour.

Metallica Turntable

In collaboration with one of heavy rock's greatest acts, Pro-Ject is thrilled to announce the Metallica turntable! Pro-Ject has a great history of working with artists to create lasting tributes in the shape of brilliantly coloured, thoughtfully designed turntables, and the Metallica turntable might just be their crowning glory.

The surface of the Metallica turntable was treated with a mirror-finished metal logo contour that gives the player its distinctive look. The S-shaped tonearm is fitted with a detachable SME headshell to allow quick cartridge changes. Out of the box, the turntable comes pre-adjusted with Pro-Ject's Pick it S2 C cartridge. Tracking force and anti-skating are both adjustable and make your Metallica Limited Edition Turntable a true investment piece.

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